CORONAVIRUS: Travel and safety advice [2020 updates]

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Coronavirus caused by animals that refers to a group of viruses, that infected to humans directly from the animals. 

Coronavirus happened from the common cold and then sinister SARS[ Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome]. nowadays this virus has spread to the globe, which currently causing a global panic.

The strain was identified in the seafood market in Wuhan, China. Where sold kinds of seafood, live animals, meat, etc that caused coronavirus.

The number of cases in china of coronavirus is 6000plus and there some infected countries as well as the USA, ISRAEL And many more.

All the health ministries and regarding respected doctors declared to be at home for a while and keep safe their life from this virus. So nowadays traveling is restricted by the government of every country to travel one country to another. Coronavirus infected by the air so that will be a huge and massive disadvantage for every human to work or else for business too. 

Travel is not safe for the human at this time. Coronavirus has more infected in china’s country because of food. For health care try to avoid non-veg food for a while.

Travel and safety:


Many airlines have suspected to fly services to china, including many more countries.

Coronavirus infected before a human shows the symptoms of that. so for that travel safety is the major goal right now. Try to clean your self and also avoid handshakes and maintain a certain distance from anyone.

  1. First, you’ll get a headache, Common cold, fever 
  2. Runny nose and cough or sore throat
  3. getting Difficulties in breathing
  4. Potential complications
  5. Pneumonia, Acute Respiratory Syndrome
  6. kidney failure
  7. Death

Traveling tips

  1. Put A face mask 
  2. Keep your hand clean with an alcohol-based sanitizer
  3. avoid handshakes
  4. put your hand to your mouth or wear a mask when you sneeze or cough.
  5. avoid non-veg for a while and try to eat veggies.

For healthy people wear a mask who taking care of a suspected person. Avoid travel if you have a cold, cough, fever.

Travel alert:

Indian Railways has canceled 80plus trains for protection against coronavirus. Food will be available in proper packaging. 

Last few days, There was a drastic difference in tickets. Also, Taj mahal will be closed for some days. Tourists visiting are restricted to Kerela.

 COVID 19- Vaccines & Treatment (Recovering Patients) China is recovering.

After all of that we surely take care of earth from coronavrius and we live like before we used to. After that you must go and travel the world once you recover. stay healthy and stay safe.

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