Future in technology: EDGE COMPUTING 2020

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Edge computing 2020



Edge is the outside limit of a surface, area, or object that computing the data that could be stored. 

Data is the main thing that we all do first before we start any kind of work. So for storing the data,This technology uses for long-distance communications between server and client.

Edge computing is a new paradigm that targets to bring computational power in IoT sensors.

edge computing


Edge computing is distributed, enabling mobile computing, IoT(internet of things) and also IT structure. In this technology, that will worked by the device itself or server. 

Edge computing didn’t transmit to a data center and works from cloud to network.


edge gateway

Edge gateway serves the data from a network to cloud services. And also process with a network to network.

It has many trendy networks to collect real-time information so we can empower analytics for the edge of IoT networks. 

And edge devices have the power to control the flow of data that console the boundary between two networks.


In the future of technology, IoT networks have the power to include much technology in regular work like computers, mobiles, cars, motorcycles. Also, camera, kitchen types of equipment, microwaves will be used in the office’s break room so employees can have a better time on break hours.


global evaluation

Edge global evaluation uses for different types of networks. It has three times faster speeds than the GPRS System. Generally, It has 3G speed but recognized by 2.75G speed.

Sometimes cloud network has some issues because if they transfer the data or collect the data to or from another cloud it doesn’t make any sense of work.

Impact of 5G:

5G has the speed of marvelous work that transfer or connect data too fast. it can reduce latency and also reduce peering data. 5G has more power to interact with humans so quickly because of remotely or else network-based connections they have. when hospitals, classrooms, offices, banks all have big benefits of this future technology that can be done anywhere or anytime.

edge computing vs cloud technology

Edge computing vs Cloud computing:

Edge computing is the time-driven process, while Cloud computing is not a time-driven. In latency, preferred over cloud computing. We can’t replace edge computing over cloud computing.

WHAT IS BIG DATA?  @Must watch

In cloud computing, it’s very huge chance to collect big data processing, Besides that , a very large volume of real-time information about data processing.

Importance of Edge comptuing:

Edge computing is useful in increasing the speed of businesses. And the main thing for data stored. it gives you real-time data-driven information.

In IoT Device or sensor Analytics get data from devices gateway/server to cloud networks. Edge computing and cloud transfer data to each other.

Mobiles, gateways, devices, sensors get connected with secure network connectivity from IoT platforms and cloud services.

the most important advantage of edge computing is the ability to method and store information quicker, facultative for additional economical period applications that are vital to corporations. 

Before edge computing, a smartphone scanning a person’s face for biometric identification would want to run the biometric identification rule through a cloud-based service, which might take loads of your time to method. 

With a foothold computing model, the rule may run domestically on a foothold server or entryway, or perhaps on the smartphone itself, given the increasing power of smartphones. 

Applications like virtual and increased reality, self-driving cars, sensible cities, and even building-automation systems need quick process and response.

  1. Time-driven information: Computing and also data stored process is very local and distributed toward technology.
  2. intermittent connectivity: securely connected with the cloud to network computing.
  3. security: secure with transmitted data that process with a secure platform like software.
  4. cost-effective solutions: Using Edge computing, Some devices used for transferring data to a cloud network that a complete IoT solution.
  5. quick response: It has key performance for technology to transfer and give time-driven real information faster than any network.
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